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Introducing a powerful duo pack that helps restore balance to your digestive system: <strong>Loosemore Herbs and Probiotic Plus</strong>. Loosemore Herbs actively stimulates peristalsis, promoting efficient digestion, while Probiotic Plus replenishes your body's natural stores of probiotics, ensuring a healthy gut flora. Together, they work harmoniously to support optimal digestive health.

Loosemore Herbs

  Archturus is particularly proud of our Loosemore herbs which are a blend of Fennel, Barberry root, Cascara Sagrada, Rhubarb root, Ginger root, Liquorice, Raspberry leaf and Cayenne. This blend of herbs is invaluable for sluggish bowels, for cleansing the bowel of unwanted bacteria or parasites, for toning the gut wall and for loosening hardened mucoid deposits from the gut wall. Liquorice and raspberry leaf help to relax the bowel wall. Fennel is anti-flatulent and soothing to the digestive system.
Composition (each capsule)
Fennel 120mg
Raspberry Leaf 20mg
Berberis 80mg
Cayenne 20mg
Cascara 60mg
Ginger 40mg
Rhubarb 40mg
Liquorice 20mg

Probiotic Plus

Friendly Bacteria
Human intestines contain around a kilo of bacteria, some beneficial and some disease causing. Good bacteria ferment lactose by converting it to lactic acid so they provide a slightly acidic environment which is correct for the gut. Probiotics reduce the numbers of pathogenic bacteria by competing with them for adhesion to the colon wall. Good bacteria help to form soft, bulky, and well lubricated stools which pass through the colon swiftly. Also, the acidic environment created by the beneficial bacteria stimulate the bowel to expel the faeces more regularly. Good bacteria are also involved in the synthesis and absorption of B vitamins and vitamin K and the absorption of minerals, particularly iron and calcium. Other possible functions are the synthesis of fatty acids and the assimilation and binding of cholesterol in the gut.

Probiotic Plus from Archturus contains bacteria which are present with their own foods. This means they remain highly active once in the gut.
One capsule provides 3.5 billion bacteria.
Composition (per gram):
A proprietary blend containing 3.5 billion of the following bacterial strains:
B. breve,
B. bifidum,
B. longum,
Dairy Free.