Unveil the power of nature with our exclusive herbal formula, crafted by one of the world's leading herbalists. This unique recipe gifted to the  Archturus Range is formulated to support your digestive health by promoting the natural processes your body uses.

Why Choose Our Loosemore Herb Capsules

  • Effective Colon Cleanse: Our blend aids in gently removing impacted waste, promoting a healthier colon.
  • Heal and Tone: Each capsule helps heal and tone your bowel, ensuring smooth and active peristalsis.
  • Ease of Use: Encapsulated for your convenience, making it easy to incorporate into your daily routine.
  • Top Seller: Join countless others who have found relief from constipation with our best-selling product.

Each capsule is packed with carefully selected organic and natural ingredients:

Fennel Seed (Organic) - 120mg
Barberry - 80mg
Cascara Sagrada Bark - 60mg
Rhubarb Root - 40mg
Ginger Root (Organic) - 40mg
Liquorice - 2mg
Raspberry Leaf - 20mg
Cayenne - 20mg
Capsule Shell: Vegetable Cellulose - 100mg

Please consult with your health care provider if you are on any other medications that have contra indications to any of the ingredients before using this product. This product is not suitable for some stages of pregnancy.

2 capsules twice daily capsules daily  with a meal, or as directed by practitioner.

Please consult with your midwife or health care provider before using this product during pragnacy
Consult with your healthcare provider before use if you are taking other medications. This product is not suitable for some stages of pregnancy.