Uberfood Product Information
About Uberfood

Our organic Uberfood has been designed to bring as many nutrients to you from nature’s finest wholefoods as possible. No single vitamin or mineral works alone and that’s why we felt it important to provide a full nutrient profile from natural, organic sources with all the phytonutrients within for maximum absorption and benefit.  

Uberfood has Plant-based protein:

The high protein content from the individual ingredients means our Uberfood is a rich source of plant based protein suited to all diets including vegetarian and vegan.

Uberfood has Fibre:

We’ve used freeze dried whole ingredients – not just juice powders. This means not only are all the nutrients preserved in the process, but the natural fibre ends up in your glass, where you need it.

Uberfood contains food-source Vitamin and mineral content:

The superfoods contained within the Uberfood have been chosen for their outstanding vitamin and mineral content. In one 8 gram dose of Uberfood you’ll get 15% or more of several of the essential vitamins and minerals your body minimally requires each day. By adding Uberfood to your daily routine you will boost your nutritional intake alongside a healthy and varied diet.

Free from:

Artificial sweeteners, refined sugars, gluten, excipients, nuts, egg and dairy products, soy, (shell)fish and sulphites.   

Suitable for all ages and lifestyles!

Uberfood Ingredients


Organic Spirulina:

It has been suggested that Spirulina could overcome the world’s food crisis and it isn’t hard to see why. The nutrient profile of spirulina is something to behold. Despite it being tiny little blue-green algae, Spirulina contains between 50 and 60% complete and digestible protein without the fat and cholesterol that is in animal protein sources. A mere 3 grams of spirulina could provide as much antioxidant nutrients as up to 5 servings of vegetables (but you should still eat your veggies!).  Compared to other foods it has some of the highest vitamin, mineral, fatty acid and antioxidant content – even compared to the other ingredients in our Uberfood and that’s why we’ve put in more Spirulina than anything else! 

If you like the sound of Spirulina as much as we do, check out our MicrOrganics Hawaiian Spirulina range.

Organic Chlorella:

Chlorella has often been pitted against Spirulina in the age old ‘which is better’ debate, but we say just have both! Chlorella is right up there in the top superfoods league. Both are algae but at cellular level they are quite different. Chlorella needs to have its tough cell wall broken in order for it to be digestible at which point its nutrients are very bioavailable. Its 58% protein content isn’t the only bonus; Chlorella is also a healthy vegan source of Iron and B12. The mineral content of Chlorella means it can help detoxify the body naturally.

Organic Wheatgrass:

This gluten-free young grass packs a mineral punch. Alongside magnesium, calcium and selenium, to name a few, it also contains electrolytes which are so important to aid the absorption and use of other nutrients. Then there’s the chlorophyll, a compound found in wheatgrass which is rich in antioxidants. 

Organic Barley grass:

For over 5000 years this versatile, gluten free superfood has been recognised as an important source of nutrition. It is high in iron and protein, is a source of B vitamins and minerals and contains enzymes. As a young grass, barley grass resembles a vegetable in terms of nutritional make up more than a grain. Its ability to absorb nutrients from the soil is at its peak and all the nutrients are stored in the grass as it prepares to grow it’s grain shoots. This is when it is cultivated, freeze dried (to retain all the goodness) and powdered

Seagreens Seaweed – Organic Fucus:

Seagreens Organic Fucus contains a full profile of micronutrients needed by the body. We know that when all of the micro nutrients are present the body can assimilate and use the foods we eat better. 

Organic Apple powder:

We appreciate that taste is important and sometimes even the healthiest things can be hard to swallow! We wanted to stay away from artificial sweeteners and boost the nutritional profile of our Uberfood. An apple a day keeps the doctor away isn’t just a silly saying! Apples are full of fibrous pectin and malicacid to name but a few nutrients. So we have used whole organic apple powder to give a tasty flavour with natural sweetness and to bolster the range of vitamins in your daily intake. Apple does just the trick!

Uberfood blend:

Organic Lucuma:

This nutritious fruit from the Ecuador and Peru region in South America has been cultivated by the indigenous people for centuries.  More recently has been discovered to be not only packed full of minerals and vitamins such as iron, beta carotene and vitamin C to name but a few, but also a source of plant based protein. Whilst its sweet ‘maple’ flavour is a great tasting addition to smoothies, it still rates low on the glycemic index!  We use the whole pulp powder, not just the juice powder, to bring you all of its fibrous goodness. 

Organic Turmeric:

With thousands of years of traditional use in cooking and as a medicinal herb in India, Turmeric is a trusted superfood and we just had to add it to our mix. It was tricky though, it isn’t everyone’s favourite flavour! Its main active ingredient, Curcumin, is thought to have anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in antioxidants. We use the whole root powdered so again we bring as much of the plant as possible to our formula. 

Organic Goji Berry:

This wonderful little berry has been used in Asian cuisine for centuries. Gram for gram this berry contains hundreds of times more vitamin C than oranges. They are also rich in iron and antioxidants compared to other fruits and vegetables. They pack a punch with their protein and fibre content and are low on the glycemic index. The whole berry pulp is freeze dried and powdered.

Organic Acai Berry 

This berry naturally grows at the top of an Amazon palm tree. Nutritionally it has it all; protein (includes amino acids), fibre, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. In fact it gives Blueberries a run for their money in the vitamin C department! Freeze drying helps preserve the full nutritional profile so you get all the benefits.

Organic Blueberry:

 We think Blueberries are great! They are nutrient dense and contain a notable dose of vitamin K and C amongst other vitamins and minerals. The phytocyanins contained within Blueberries have useful antioxidant properties. A low calorie and high fibre little gem that we had to include in our mix.